Rehearse the same way as you plan to perform, that way when you perform its just like rehearsal.

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.

Without music, life would Bb.

About our Band and Colorguard

Young and talented musicians and dancers have joined our music program with much in store for their futures and have become part of the family. Together we go through new adventures from marching competitions to concerts and parades, with the support, teamwork, and "can do" spirit from each other, we always come out being successful. Students get great experience and are a part of great relationships that make them thirst to learn more about the music world even after they leave high school with everlasting memories and team spirit in their hearts.

Welcome to Hanford High School

Band and Colorguard

Hanford, California

Home of the Bullpups!!

Pride ....... Class ....... Dignity


Cards are Here

See Ms. Levine or Pam Padilla

Parents Help Schedule

 Starting Sept. 12

The Band and Colorguard will need parents help for football games and competitions beginning Sept 12 though Nov. 28. The Schedule is located on the booster page.

PLEASE download the volunteer form, fill it out and return to Ms. Levine, ASAP. This process takes a few weeks to be approved by the district office.


Bullpup Band Boosters Meeting

Tues. Sept 16 @ 6:00pm

Conference Room

From the Director's Podium......

Dear Band and Color Guard Parents and Students,

Hello, and welcome to the Hanford High Music program! I am excited that you have made the decision to continue with music. Our goal is to provide an outstanding music education throughout your years of high school. You are going to have amazing experiences, lots of fun and meet lifelong friends. There is no doubt there will be hard work and dedication, but it will all pay off in the end.

2013-2014 was a great year and our plan for the upcoming year is to continue to be a highly competitive group. We will be competing in WBA competitions so it is importantwe fundraise REALLY WELL. We will continue to expand our concert band repertoire,strengthen our jazz program and prepare students for the spring semester activities.Running a marching band program is expensive, so we will greatly appreciate parent contributions. We have a strong Band Booster program but we still NEED more parents to get involved and help on the road and with fundraising events.

It is extremely important to note that marching band rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6:00pm - 9:00pm we have this rehearsal time blocked so that we can learn drill and stay on top of things. There will be three Saturday rehearsals as well to remain competitive.

In attempt to prepare you for the FALL semester I want to give you some important dates so that you can PLAN AHEAD and clear your schedule. It is extremely important that you clear these dates and rehearsal times so that we can be effective in all areas. All rehearsals and performances are MANDATORY. You will soon learn how individually important you are to the success of the music program. Please consider your attendance as a top priority.

Band Camp dates:*Freshmen and New Member Band Camp: Thursday July 31st 8:00am-12:00pm band room. This day is designed to introduce freshmen and new members to basic marching technique. It is extremely important that you attend because it will prepare you for when you meet up with the rest of the band. You will also be introduced to your leaders so that you have help and support when band camp starts. Make sure you bring water, sunscreen and dress light! You will be moving and it does get hot out there!

*August 4th-8th Band Camp 8:00am-12:00pm and 5:00pm-8:00pm band room. The morning block will consist of marching technique and the evening block will consist of music rehearsals. Please be sure that you DO NOT MISS band camp. We will be learning stuff that will prepare you for our fall show during this camp. It is extremely important to attend band camp to secure a spot in the drill. Spots will be given according to attendance and positive attitude. Alternate spots will happen so, make sure you are present for band camp! You will learn so much at this camp and it will be challenging to catch you up when school starts. Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen and water. Dress inlight clothes and please wear good athletic sneakers. Flip flops/sandals, jeans, and heavy clothes will be a mistake in the summer heat.

WALK THROUGH REGISTRATION CONFLICTS. Please try to get to walkthrough EARLY so that you can be one of the firsts in line. Please return to band campafter your are done with walk through so you do not miss too much information. If you can WAIT and attend walk though after band camp (12:00pm) that would be appreciated.

Aug. 12- Music Rehearsal 5:00pm-8:00pm There will be several conflicts with Thursday night rehearsals due to Football games conflicts with ALL THREE campuses. We may even have to switch to a alternaterehearsal day that week. More information will be given once we know our conflict dates.

Your child can do both sports and band. I am flexible with sports as long as thestudent treats both activities as equal entities and stays on top of the music and drill.Please contact me if your child is interested in participating in sports so that we can make arrangements.

Band Boosters are always looking for help; they provide many services for our students. If you are interested in becoming a band booster there will be monthly meetings starting in August. We encourage you to support your child and attend shows,football games and help with fundraisers.

Mandatory Parent meeting on THURSDAY August 21st at 8:00pm in the bandroom. This meeting is to inform parents about the Marching Band season and details that pertain to it. This time should work well so you can take your student directly home after rehearsal. The meeting should take NO longer that 1 hour. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and receive answers to questions you may have in regards to the Fall Semester.

Sometimes we are asked to perform at last minute events. The following dates are set and are mandatory. Thank you for clearing your schedule in advance. There will be several fundraisers along the way to help support our music program.

Please DO NOT miss our Saturday rehearsals. Rehearsal will consist of learning NEW drill. It is extremely hard to catch up as a band if we get behind in drill. We appreciate your cooperationwith Saturday rehearsals. Please notify me if there is an SAT conflict. 

Thank you for your continued support and I am looking forward to another great year! See you soon! Please email me if you have further questions.

​Janet Levine